Round of 64 is Complete!


With the Round of 64 complete in the 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, few surprises have kept many brackets intact.  Amazingly enough, this March has not been as Mad in year’s past, in our opinion.  SMU, Xavier, Michigan State, Rhode Island, Middle Tennessee State, and Wichita State were the only “upsets” and most of those were predictable.  Here’s hoping the drive for the Sweet 16 proves a bit more upset-minded (love those Cinderella stories).

In Gontram Architecture’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Pool, Devin Daniels leads the way with Matthew Smith close behind in 2nd.  Both have only missed one game in the first 32.

Andi Pollock is in 927th Place attempting to come in Last and claim the horse’s butt bobblehead trophy.  However, Andi has some competition as no less than 12 entrants are trying to intentionally lose.  Good luck?

For those that are ready to burn their bracket, step away from the flame.  It is just Day 2.  The way this Pool works, anyone can come back from the bottom in rounds 2, 3, and so on.

This year, we are trying to promote a few good causes that need some help.  Check out our Pool page for more information about those.

Also, a continued “Thanks!” to our many sponsors that help make this pool a tremendous success!


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