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Gontram Architecture, Inc.
Commercial Architectural Services

Gontram Architecture was established in 1998 in Raleigh, NC to provide clients with a more flexible delivery of architectural services, emphasizing cost control, contract administration and design excellence. We provide services that meet schedules, and design projects within budget. We realize the client’s interests and make them our own.


Creativity + Integrity

New Commercial Construction

New Commercial Construction is the development of greenfield sites for a new building, including additions. Sites are identified, researched for zoning and atmospheric conditions, and a strategy is formulated for translating the client’s mission into a new building form. This activity can involve the design of office buildings, retail buildings, churches, schools, industrial buildings, restaurants and others. It may require extensive site work, utility requirements, storm water retention, tree conservation and other constraints.

Commercial Renovations and Upfits

Commercial Renovations and Upfits is the design and construction for interior projects, including first-time upfits of new shell buildings. Gontram Architecture helps clients realize their dream of opening a small restaurant for the first time, or renovating their office to add productivity to their business, or giving an existing laboratory the room for a new process. Gontram Architecture routinely renovates and upfits office space, retail stores, restaurants, schools, and others. The existing buildings are analyzed in detail. Design incorporates the existing conditions.

Commercial Design-Build

Design-Build is the project delivery method where the design and construction aspects are performed under a single contract with a single entity. A single source is responsible for both designing and building the project (thus the name).

A significant portion of our business over the past several years has been Architect-led Design-Build. This is no coincidence. Our Clients have experienced the horror of Design-Bid-Build, and long for an easier, quicker, cleaner method. By allowing the Architect to provide single-source responsibility for the project ‚Äď design and construction ‚Äď the Client has a greater chance of obtaining a successful project. Our recent history states this as fact.

I am pleased to recommend the services of Gontram Architecture. Their experience and professionalism are qualities that will ensure my continued call for their services. NCSBA contracted with Gontram architecture in 2008 to do an extensive renovation to our office building. This project was a design build arrangement with Ten Penny Construction Inc. and had tremendous time constraints. Mr. Gontram and his crew completed our project with the highest of quality within our impose deadlines. The crew was professional and strive to minimize our inconvenience.
I am extremely satisfied with the Gontram Architecture and will use them again if the need arises. Ed_Dunlap_NCSBA

Ed Dunlap· North Carolina School Boards Association

From a professional point of view Gontram Architecture is excellent to work with. Their willingness to really work with our building committee and church membership made the whole project a good and rewarding experience. We felt that we received the extra effort from Eddie and his team that made the job of the committee members easier and all members remained on the committee for the entire project.

We give our highest recommendation to Gontram Architecture and would give them priority consideration if we need future additions. Ronnie_Lemon_FPC

Ronnie E Lemon· Chairman, Building Committee

¬†David took the plans that evening and worked late to complete his review. We spoke this morning about his findings. Having worked with you on developing elevations that would meet the design standards for the Town of Wake Forest, I wanted to share with you a message of appreciation. In all of David’s many years of experience, this is the first time a set of plans has come in nearly perfect, meeting the International Building Code with North Carolina amendments as he interprets the regulations. He indicated with amazement that he only needed to have a small detail added. It isn’t that we didn’t expect high-quality work from your firm. It’s that it’s so easy to interpret the regulations differently and we expected some feedback to be needed to find tune the plans to meet our understanding of the code. I am grateful and very impressed with what is truly an amazing accomplishment.¬†Ann_Ayers_WakeForest

Ann M. Ayers· Town of Wake Forest

About Gontram Architecture

Gontram Architecture, Inc. is a small, full-service architectural firm, experienced in all aspects of project delivery. We recognize that the construction process can be an extremely stressful ordeal, if not handled properly. We aim to make the experience as pleasant and successful as possible.

How to Hire An Architect

Nothing is more exciting than creating a new project for your business or personal life, and nothing will affect the success of your project more than the right architect. The architect determines the design and function of a space or building as well as the emotional toll and financial costs involved in its construction.

You may be wondering: how do I find the right architect?

Finding your perfect match in¬†an architect is not impossible and we’ll¬†show you eight points to¬†guide you along the¬†way. Use these points to help analyze the personality, design strategy and communication¬†skills of your candidates. Click the button to learn more and to download your free guide on How to Hire An Architect.

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