Gontram Architecture’s NCAA Bowl Game Pick ‘Em Pool is Open!

Welcome to Gontram Architecture’s NCAA Bowl Game Pick ‘Em Pool!

We are going again! Another Bowl Game Pick ‘Em Pool for some pretty cool prizes! This pool is FREE and open to anybody that would like to play. However, only one entry per person (multiple entries may be grounds for removal). If you missed the deadline, make sure you keep an eye out for our NCAA Basketball Pool happening in March!

Leaderboard Standings

Many thanks to our great Sponsor (Ten Penny Construction) for making these great prizes possible!

As in year’s past, bowl game points are based upon their approximate or past payout value rounded up to the nearest million. For instance, the a specific bowl game may pay out $4,000,000+/- to the teams, so it is worth 4 points in our Pool. The number next to the team is the number of points awarded for a correct pick.  We upped the point value for the semi-finals and National Championship game because, well, duh, they are “worth” more.