“Hammer & Nails” Is Underway!


Last week, demolition activities began for the “Hammer and Nails” luxury grooming shop for guys. Soon to be located in the Sutton Square Shopping Center in Raleigh, NC (and several other locations in the Research Triangle Area), the men’s salon concept will provide hair salon, nail care and a bar!

From the “Hammer & Nails” website:

“When it comes to men’s needs, it’s time to think bigger. And bolder. And way more moisturized and exfoliated. It’s time to recognize that men are bigger than biceps and abs. That men’s health is about more than burpees and leg days. Because men have follicles and cuticles, too. And pores. And soles. And palms. And today’s extraordinary man deserves a grooming experience that tends to the whole man. In a space that’s far from take-a-number haircut farms and pedicure stations that reek of acrylic fumes. It’s time to care about the care that goes into men’s grooming. And it starts at a place where men’s care is all we care about. That, and a good drink.”

The franchisees are teaming up with Gontram Architecture to design and build the renovation and fitup. Scheduled completion of the project is slated for 1st quarter 2024.


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