Gontram Architecture’s NCAA Basketball Pool IS OVER FOR 2021!

Baylor tops Gonzaga to earn the National Championship! In our Pool, Scott Brown clinches 1st Place! Joan Francesconi gets 2nd, Paul Caley gets 3rd. Joe Leonti ends up in Last Place.

Welcome to Gontram Architecture’s Annual NCAA Men’s NCAA Basketball Pool, where brackets look SO GOOD when you enter them, and quickly turn to garbage by the end of the 1st day. This is truly the best time of the year (aside from the Women’s College World Series, that is). Follow the “Madness” by checking out the reports listed below. You can also follow our Blog and check us out on Twitter.  Tweet your comments using #GAPool.

IMPORTANT:  The pool entry page, player reports, etc. may not be mobile-friendly. So, if you try to enter the pool or check reports, you may get an “Under Construction” page like the one to the left. Don’t worry, it is fixable:

  • For iOS, Safari: Once you have tried and get an “Under Construction” page, hold down the refresh button in your browser and select “Request Desktop Site.”
  • For Android, Google Chrome:  Once you have tried and get an “Under Construction” page, click on the 3 dots in the upper right and select “Desktop Site.”

A very special “Thank You” to our sponsors:  Atlantec Engineers, C.E. Ham Electric, Ten Penny Construction, and Harris Structural Design!  Without your continued support, this Pool would not be as much fun!

Reports & Info:

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If you are not able to get your picks in on time, make sure to register for the Men’s NCAA Basketball Pool HERE.  That way, you will receive updates before the tournament pool next year!

Gontram Architecture’s version of the traditional office NCAA Basketball Pool is unique.  Our Pool is FREE – no money, no trouble with the authorities.  It’s open to anyone. (We don’t encourage folks under 18 yrs old to play, but we don’t object either.)  A couple of years ago, 6 of the top 10 finishers were still in elementary school!  We have great prizes from great sponsors!

This year, as in years past, there is NO entry fee, but lots of great prizes to be won! There’s even a nice trophy for the biggest loser.

It doesn’t even matter if you know anything about college basketball – trust me, it doesn’t.  In fact, an average amount of knowledge seems to be a hindrance as I have not even SNIFFED a prize position in the history of the Pool.