It’s NCAA Basketball Pool Time (again)! 25 years!


Gontram Architecture’s NCAA Basketball Pool is BACK!

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is BACK! This is the 25th year in a row (not counting the tournament that was cancelled due to COVID)!

Our NCAA Basketball Pool is also BACK! Entries are due by 12:00PM EDT, Thursday, March 21st!

We have a new pool host this year (CBS Sports). We had a great host the past few years but they decided to jack up the rates and it became unaffordable. The cost could have been less if we started charging entry fees, but the unique characteristic of OUR pool (for over 25 years) is that it is COMPLETELY FREE! Hopefully, CBS Sports will be a great host and we can continue on this platform for many years to come! In the meantime, we apologize for having to change things up on you (again).

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