Day 1 in the Books!


Well, is your Bracket busted already?

After 1 day of Gontram Architecture’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Pool, many may have thrown in the towel.  However, for the 1st time in many years, there are 6 PERFECT brackets still in the pool!  That may be we are all getting better at this picking thing, but that’s a bit far fetched.  No, I believe it is because that, so far, there have been very few upsets.  Sure, there is the Northwestern getting into the tournament for the 1st time, and how could they win with all of that pressure and distraction? But picking them to win wasn’t that much of a stretch:  Chris Collins, their coach, has been on the Duke sidelines for many years.  You had to know they were going to be ready.

But for those that are ready to burn their bracket, step away from the flame.  It is just Day 1.  Trust me, today has all of the characteristics of a day of “Madness.”  And, the way this Pool works, anyone can come back from the bottom in rounds 2, 3, and so on.

This year, we are trying to promote a few good causes that need some help.  Check out our Pool page for more information about those.

Also, a continued “Thanks!” to our many sponsors that help make this pool a tremendous success!



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