“How to Construct a Snowman – Part 11 – Horror Stories”


As happens this time of year, with the Holiday Season upon us, we reflect upon the past year, and say “Thanks!” But the holidays also signal the return of Ned Ledbetter.

For those unfamiliar, Ned is the animated manifestation of the struggles we all endure in the name of architecture, and represents the antagonist in our pursuit of zoning compliance, building permits, site plan approval, construction, and more.

A few years ago, while preparing to send out our company holiday greeting cards, we considered doing something different, and (hopefully) entertaining.  A simple animated video, “How to Construct a Snowman,” was born!

2019 was another pretty good year, and it ain’t over yet!  There have been lots to talk about, and narrowing it all down for our annual “How to Construct a Snowman” was no easy task. There was all of the nonsense in Washington D.C., booming economy, trade wars, Ukraine, and all kinds of other nonsense.

This year, Ned shows us some Horror Story examples of what NOT to do when constructing your snowman project.  See examples from Interior Designers, Attorneys, Engineers, Politicians, and even NFL quarterbacks.

In previous years, we’ve poked fun at building inspectors, zoning officers, contractors, bankers, health inspectors, politicians, celebrities, and, yes, even architects.

This year’s episode is no different, and can be viewed HERE.

NOTE:  The satire video is purely fiction. Any similarity to reality is purely coincidental, even when it is intentional. If it offends you, we are truly sorry.

A special “thanks” goes to Dave Schulz of Schulz Ironworks for providing the voice of Ned.

You can also see the previous 10 years of videos by clicking HERE.

Happy Holidays!


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