For years, Gontram Architecture had been creating our own custom Holiday Greeting Cards, each year featuring a different project. In 2009, however, we decided to do something a bit more fun, saving a few trees and some fossil fuels along the way.

A short film entitled, “How to Construct a Snowman, A Zoning Enforcement Officer’s Perspective” was born. Follow Ned Ledbetter as he describes the “process” for properly permitting a snowman. This is a light-hearted jab at the tremendous (and often over-bearing) process that Gontram Architecture navigates on a daily basis.

The latest edition is entitled:  How to Construct a Snowman – Part 9 :  Code Changes and Other Natural Disasters.

In Part 9 of our “How to Construct a Snowman” video series, Ned Ledbetter will update us on recent building code changes that were recently enacted in response to the abundance of natural disasters that occurred in 2017. As happens with many code changes, the price of construction is expected to increase. To combat that, the local jurisdiction has attracted a mega warehouse retailer that will begin manufacturing (and delivering) modern houses in a cost-effective manner.

NOTE:  The satire video is purely fiction. Any similarity to reality is purely coincidental, even when it is intentional. If it offends you, we are truly sorry.

A special “thanks” goes to Dave Schulz of Schulz Ironworks for providing the voice of Ned.

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