AECOM/URS/NCTA – Week 4 Progress


During a renovation project, we get to see a LOT of crazy stuff.  This project is no different.  Last week, we accidentally discovered an uncapped cleanout from the original project.  It was left open (no cleanout cover), stuffed with plastic sheeting, covered over with concrete, and a wall was built on top of it.

We discovered it when we attempted to patch the concrete “divot” after the wall was removed during demolition. The concrete actually pushed the “plug” further down the pipe. By the time the worker realized it was a pipe, too much concrete had been put into the pipe and the whole assembly had to be cut out and replaced (oops).

Regardless, we are plugging away at the new call center facility for the North Carolina Turnpike Authority’s toll operations. Sheetrock hanging, HVAC rough-in, and electrical work overhead continued this week.

This project is due to be complete by late January, 2018. So far, so good.

This project is being provided to the Owner via the Architect-led Design-Build process with Ten Penny Construction.


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