Rock Excavation at Michael Jordan Collision Center


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Michael Jordan Collision 2016-02-26 from Eddie Gontram on Vimeo.

Rock excavation underway

Rock excavation underway

It seems that in Durham, North Carolina, you either have rock, or you have gumbo. Rock is hard, unforgiving, immovable, and hard to break. Gumbo is easy to dig, but good for nothing – you can’t compact it, you can’t reuse it, and you can’t build on top of it.


Trench drain installed and ready for inspection.

This week at the Michael Jordan Collision Center, as luck would have it, we found both while excavating for plumbing trenches and paint boot vent pits. The only bad thing about the gumbo is that we can’t put it back in the hole, so we have to haul it off and bring in stone to backfill the trenches. The bad thing about the rock, is that we have to break it and haul it off. Inside the building, blasting is to be avoided, so we have brought in a larger breaker (the small one we had was melting).

As a side note:  The pin from the rental breaker kept slipping, so the mechanic had to temporarily hold it in with duct tape.  Seems to be working.

Duct tape fixes everything!

Duct tape fixes everything!

Next week, the rock will be gone (hopefully) and we can have a full week of rough-in and concrete pour back. Can’t wait!


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