NCAA Pool Underway! Brackets ready


It’s “Bracket Time, Baby!”  Here at Gontram Architecture, we are again hosting our annual NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Pool!

The NCAA PoolGANCAAgif provides a much-needed release, distraction and yes, madness.  Yeah, we know the stats about wasted time, lost productivity, yada yada.  Everyone should just have fun once in a while.  Over 40 million people will fill out a bracket this year (VIDEO).  While we don’t have huge piles of cash to tempt you, we also don’t require a fee to play.

Therefore, we renew our open invitation to enter your picks on Gontram Architecture’s Annual NCAA Basketball Pool.  Gontram Architecture’s version of the traditional office pool is unique:

It doesn’t even matter if you know anything about college basketball – trust me, it doesn’t.  In fact, an average amount of knowledge seems to be a hindrance as I have not even SNIFFED a prize position in the history of the Pool.

Register by going to our sign-up page.  (This year, you must pre-register in order to participate – sorry for the additional step, but with well over a thousand contestants, this helps manage our “madness.”)  Then, log on between now and 11:00 am, Thursday, March 19th and make your picks.  And, you too, can become a little less productive for a couple of days in March.

One entry per person, please.



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