NCAA Pool Complete!


GANCAAgifDuke beat Wisconsin to capture the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship. That also concludes Gontram Architecture’s annual NCAA Pool!

Molly Benson (Austin, TX) finishes in 1st Place.

Amanda Stephens (Sanford, NC) followed in 2nd Place. Terrance Cole (Raleigh, NC) finished close behind in 3rd.

Donna Youraine (Morehead City, NC)  clinched Last Place a while ago. Congratulations, Donna! You get the butt!

To see the full results and tournament reports, click the link below…

HowBadDidIDo button

Take note of a few things when looking at our reports:

  • “Coin Flip” finished in 947th¬†Place. This is actually a bracket we filled out using the flip of a coin to make the picks.
  • “Dominating Mascot” finished in 975th¬†Place. This is a bracket we filled out picking the mascot we believed would win in a street fight. ¬†NCSU got a huge advantage by being a “Pack” of wolves.
  • President Obama is in 640th¬†Place. (We entered his picks for him as he was too busy to respond to our invite.)

Gontram Architecture’s version of the traditional office pool is unique:

It doesn’t even matter if you know anything about college basketball – trust me, it doesn’t.¬† In fact, an average amount of knowledge seems to be a hindrance as I have not even SNIFFED a prize position in the history of the Pool.

If you missed the Pool this year, please feel free to Register for next year’s Pool by going to our sign-up page. ¬†(Sorry for the additional step, but with well over a thousand contestants, this helps manage our¬†“madness.”)

See you March 2016!


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