Gontram Architecture now on Periscope!


PeriscopeBigSocial media is a wonderful thing (most of the time).  Twitter, in particular, seems to have left its “tipping point” in the dust.  A recent Twitter acquisition, Periscope, allows you to broadcast live events over the internet.  It is a cell phone and tablet only based app.  Viewers watching live can offer input and ask questions.  It is a fairly raw look “behind the curtain”.  The videos can either be viewed live, or up to 24 hrs after the fact.

Gontram Architecture has already produced several episodes on Periscope (office tour, job site visits, etc.), and will continue to do so in the future.  We intend to do so on a weekly or bi-weekly basis with Ten Penny Construction (@10dConstruction).

We will be offering sessions on building code issues, current projects, design topics of the day, and some nonsense topics such as our annual NCAA Pools (football and basketball).

You can make sure you have a front row seat by following us on Twitter:  @GontramArch and on Periscope by searching for Gontram Architecture.


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