Find the Code Violation #4

Find the Code Violation in the photo below, then click on the photo to see the answer.

It seems that a LOT of violations are found in public restrooms.  In places of public accommodation, business owners are required to remove barriers to accessibility.  When violations such as these are discovered, owners are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) to make the necessary improvements (within reason) to provide accessible facilities.

Updated 8/15/18:  Credit to Cari Carothers for finding the flaw in this flaw.  The urinal appears to be overlapping the required clear floor area in front of the lavatory. Per Code fixtures cannot overlap the required clear floor area.  However, the required clearances in front of fixtures ARE actually allowed to overlap. Why is this a potential problem?  It is conceivable in this photo that the lavatory is virtually unusable if the urinal is in use.  Overlapping required clear areas is NOT a Code violation, just bad design.

Click on photo to see answer

Click on photo to see answer




  1. Cari Carothers /Reply

    Section 301.2 of ANSI A117.1 2009:
    301.2 Overlap. Unless otherwise specified, clear floor
    spaces, clearances at fixtures, maneuvering clearances
    at doors, and turning spaces shall be permitted to overlap.

    The problem with your photo is not as indicated. It is that the clear floor space at the lavatory is obstructed by the urinal. Assuming for scale that those are 12″ tiles, the center-line of the lavatory would be about 15″ from the last visible grout line parallel with the wall. The urinal appears to protrude over that line.

    1. eddie /Reply

      Thanks for the catch! You are correct. However, I personally think that it is a bad design idea to allow that overlap in anything but a single user restroom.

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