Bone & Joint Surgery Clinic – Week 5


Week 5 was even busier than Week 4 at the Bone & Joint Surgery Clinic project in Raleigh, NC.  The tight schedule on this project is proving a challenge in this occupied building, but we are managing, so far.

LED lights have arrived

Sound Batt insulation

Future nurses workstation

Hanging sheetrock in the Exam Rooms

Sound batt insulation in the hallway

Rough-in inspections were signed off so sheetrock installation has begun.  Sound batt insulation is installed between the metal stud framing.  Mechanical and electrical rough-in continues overhead.

The future 9,000-square feet tenant space will soon be home to the Bone & Joint Surgery Clinic.

The project is being delivered through the Architect-led Design-Build process with Ten Penny Construction.


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