20 Years in Architecture!


This week, Gontram Architecture celebrates 20 years in business!  For the past 20 years, we have worked extremely hard to help our clients realize their visions and dreams.  Sometimes, that was a multi-million dollar laboratory facility or an expansive mixed-use center.  At other times, it was a small addition to a beach house, a restroom renovation, or a doghouse (that last one was a lot of fun during the Great Recession).  Regardless of size or budget, we cared about every project as if we owned it ourselves.

We cannot celebrate 20 years without showing our very deep appreciation for everyone that has helped us get to this point.  We extend a very big “Thank You!” to every employee of Gontram Architecture, every consultant, every contractor, and (especially) every client we’ve had as you have been instrumental in our success.

Pam Gontram, Eddie’s wife of (almost) 24 years, deserves as much credit as anyone for putting up with his odd working hours, taking over the Dining Room when we first started out, the work phone calls at all hours, and for just putting up with his crap, in general.

We couldn’t have made it without all of you!

During the next 20 years, we hope you will continue to allow us to help you realize new dreams, new visions!

Thanks, again!


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