Global Renewal Energy is embarking upon a green, recycling strategy which begins in Zebulon, NC.  This recent upstart has invented a “machine” that takes curb-side recycled plastics and, through the process of pyrolysis, converts it back to petroleum products, suitable for use in combustion engines.  GRE engaged Gontram Architecture and Ten Penny Construction to renovate an existing building in Zebulon for this use.

This will be a functional facility to showcase our technology to potential clients and corporate partners from around the globe.  We will demonstrate pyrolysis exclusively with our machine.  It simply takes “Factory produced, nonhazardous material, which we receive post-consumer, then convert through “Industrial Process Heating” in our technology under observation and in a tightly controlled environment.  This feedstock produces renewable clean high energy commodities.”

In other words, the machine helps to remedy the HUGE plastics problem we have in this country, and seeks to assist other countries with their own issues.  And, once underway, consumes very little energy off of the grid.  It uses its own waste products as fuel to continue operations.

The existing building had to be completely retrofitted with a new sprinkler system, ventilation, and emergency egress systems.  The machine itself requires very complicated safety features that are integrated into the structure.