Don Frantz is the owner and operator of Frantz Automotive Center located near Downtown Cary, North Carolina.  The existing service center was a 4,000 square foot, single-story, pre-engineered metal building, originally constructed 30 years ago.  Mr. Frantz asked Gontram Architecture to design a Renovation and Expansion project, which has increased business and customer appeal.

One addition in front of the existing building houses a new and expanded Customer Lounge and Sales area.  New restrooms have also been provided.  Large windows and contemporary materials enhance the customer’s experience while waiting for repairs.

Another small addition to the rear of the building adds 2 service bays, allowing for an increase in work load.

Finally, the front facade has been renovated to greatly increase the business’s curb appeal.  A brick, stone and EIFS curtainwall has been constructed in front of the existing metal building.  New steel canopies are suspended over new bay doors.

The building is located within the Town Center area of Cary, NC, and therefore subject to additional restrictions.  The project was completed in March of 2007,