NCAA Men’s Basketball Prizes (2018)

Place Prize Description
1st $500 Amazon Gift Card from Atlantec Engineers and a 1st Place Bobblehead Trophy
2nd $400 Amazon Gift Card from C.E. Ham Electric
3rd $200 Amazon Gift Card compliments of Gontram Architecture
4th $150 Amazon Gift Card from Ten Penny Construction
5th $100 Amazon Gift Card from Harris Structural Design
6th $50 Amazon Gift Card from Ten Penny Construction
7th Full-size flag from WindDesigns – The Flag Shop***
8th Garden-size flag from WindDesigns – The Flag Shop***
9th thru 12th Official Gontram Architecture NCAA Pool T-Shirt. “I Survived the Madness!”
Last A Horse’s Butt Bobblehead Trophy to show your Mom what a loser you are.

*** Winner may go to WindDesigns – The Flag Shop and make a selection from available flags in the applicable category. Selection does not have to be a school flag.  Not all Division I schools are available. NC State, of course, is available.