NCAA Bowl Game Pick ‘Em Prizes

1st Amazon Tap compliments of Gontram Architecture
2nd  Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker  compliments of Harris Structural Design
3rd Full-size flag of your favorite Division I university (subject to availability) from WindDesigns – The Flag Shop**.
4th Google Chromecast compliments of Ten Penny Construction
5th T-shirt compliments of Ten Penny Construction
Last Horse Butt Bobblehead Trophy compliments of Gontram Architecture

** Prize Note: WindDesigns – The Flag Shop is a premier, locally-owned flag center for decorative flags. If you’re in the market for a decorative flag, please visit their website.

*** Collegiate flags limited to availability. Not all Division I schools are available. NC State, of course, is available.

***If you are interested in donating a prize for our pool (in exchange for an appreciative mention here), please contact me at***