North Carolina Retail Merchants Association

Raleigh, NC

NCRMA is the only retail trade group in NC that is focused exclusively on helping retail companies – large and small – to operate a successful retail store! In 2014, NCRMA embarked upon a journey to relocate their offices closer to the North Carolina Legislature in downtown Raleigh with the intent of easing their operations and improving service for their members.

Gontram Architecture and Ten Penny Construction teamed up for this unique Design-Build opportunity.

The existing building, originally constructed in 1925, underwent an extensive interior renovation. The renovated building provides more usable office space, a training room, multiple break rooms, modern work areas, and renovated restrooms. Most spaces received new lighting and interior finishes.

One happy surprise during construction was the discovery of some 16″ thick solid brick walls running through the building that had been covered over with gypsum board by the previous owner.  Gontram Architecture and Ten Penny Construction convinced the Owner that not only did these brick walls require repair to remain structurally sound, but that they should be exposed for the building occupants to enjoy.

Because of the accelerated schedule, the design-build process made the most sense to NCRMA. As a single-source delivery method, we were able to control budget and schedule, taking a lot of the usual Owner-associated worry out of the project.

The project cost: $875,000.