For years, Gontram Architecture had been creating our own custom Holiday Greeting Cards, each year featuring a different project. In 2009, however, we decided to do something a bit more fun, saving a few trees and some fossil fuels along the way.

A short film entitled, “How to Construct a Snowman, A Zoning Enforcement Officer’s Perspective” was born. Follow Ned Ledbetter as he describes the “process” for properly permitting a snowman. This is a light-hearted jab at the tremendous (and often over-bearing) process that Gontram Architecture navigates on a daily basis.

The latest edition is entitled:  How to Construct a Snowman – Part 8 :  Change…at the Zoning Department!

In Part 8 of our “How to Construct a Snowman” video series, Ned Ledbetter will update us on recent changes at the local zoning department, including the election of a new Supervisor, Donald J. Trumpet.  (Honestly, there was WAY too much material this year given the recent fiasco of an election.  I had to pare it down some.)

NOTE:  The views expressed in the parody video do not imply or infer a political endorsement to any party or affiliate.  The video simply seeks to poke fun at the entire spectacle.  Any offense experienced by the viewer is unintended.

A special “thanks” goes to Dave Schulz of Schulz Ironworks for providing the voice of Ned.

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